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The classic black and white chequerboard design. A must for motorbike and scooter owners as well as for the chefs out there as a bandana.

Made with new fabric made from recycled plastic bottles - still the same great technical fabric, but now eco friendly!

Great for children and adults.

The Ultimate kit bag essential for all outdoor adventure!

  • - Seamless 100% Microfibre - Hypoallergenic, No fade or lose elasticity
  • - Protection from the wind,snow,sun - Stay Dry with this wicking fabric -Year round accessory.
  • - Neck warmer, snood, head band, ski scarf, face mask, bandana, beanie hat
  • - One size fits most - Men, Women, Children and medium sized dogs!
  • 25.5cm x 50cm.

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按照图以很容易地创建帽子的风格你的选择。 它的伟大有趣的尝试,一旦你得到它的挂起它只是将需要几秒钟的时间来掌握。 刚开始通过把你的RUFFNEK® 里面出来,所以你最终会与模式在外面。 玩得开心!

一些方法你可以穿你的 RUFFNEK®
所以无论你用你的 RUFFNEK® 对,知道你是好看,感觉好极了!

看看我们的视频下来告诉你怎么穿你的RUFFNEK® 作为一个 自定义适合Covid掩为整个家庭; 增加一倍的织物上,双厚度加倍保护. 再加上他们很容易清洗,以及迅速干燥,所以你可以穿一个新鲜的面罩每天!