RUFFNEK & the National Trust - Pooch Passport

RUFFNEK & the National Trust - Pooch Passport

RUFFNEK is delighted to announce our collaboration with the National Trust in their newest initative aimed at showcasing their numberous dog-friendly estates. The National Trust got in touch with us to produce a reflective Ruffnek inspired by our current range of canine snood bandanas. We provided them with a blueprint, and they creatively came up with an eye-catching design drawing inspiration from their distinctive NT emblem, exclusively for a Limited Edition giveaway.
Rxydog SouthEast National Trust PoochPassport Ruffnek Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram @rxydog  NT: Scotney Castle @southeastnt
Starting from the 1st of September until the 29th February 2024, you and your canine companion cant take part in the National Trust Pooch Passport initiative, which is currently underway at 19 specially selected NT properties in London and the South East.
You can pick up your Pooch Passport at any of the participating properties, and your adventure begins with the first stamp.  Collect an additional five stamps by visiting five more amazing properties along with your faithful dog.   Once your Pooch Passport boasts stamps from six different participating National Trust prooperties, you can claim your complimentary bag of delectable Fothglade dog treats. When you fill two passports with stamps from 12 visits, you'll be eligible to receive our stylish, limited edition National Trust doggie Ruffnek for your pooch to proudly wear.
Lets hope they roll it out to the rest of the country!

Congratulations to Rupert who received his NT Ruffnek on his 12th visit. Looking very handsome indeed! 

Rupert Standen NT PoochPassport Ruffnek Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram @flintnicola  NT: Standen House & Garden

 For details of all the special NT places taking part in the scheme visit;

 The Pooch Passport stamps can only be collected at these places:

  • Basildon Park, Berkshire
  • Bateman's, East Sussex
  • Birling Gap, East Sussex
  • Box Hill, Surrey
  • Chartwell, Kent
  • Claremont Landscape Garden, Surrey
  • Cliveden, Buckinghamshire
  • Dapdune Wharf, Surrey
  • Emmetts Garden, Kent
  • Greys Court, Oxfordshire
  • Ham House, London
  • Hatchlands Park, Surrey
  • Hindhead Commons, Surrey
  • Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
  • Hughenden, Buckinghamshire
  • Ightham Mote, Kent
  • Mottisfont, Hampshire
  • Polesden Lacey, Surrey
  • Rainham Hall, London
  • Runnymede, Surrey
  • Scotney Castle, Kent
  • Sheffield Park and Garden, East Sussex
  • Standen, West Sussex
  • Stowe, Buckinghamshire
  • Uppark, West Sussex
  • The Vyne, Hampshire
  • Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire
  • The White Cliffs of Dover, Kent
  • Winkworth Areboretum, Surrey

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