Neon Black Rush Pro Beanie

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The Neon Black Rush Pro Beanie is a thin, lightweight fitted beanie hat made from technical fabric. Designed as a close fit beanie to keep your head and ears warm and help prevent chafing if worn under your helmet as well as combating sweat. Lovely and soft and excellent quality, it protects from the cold and wind, making it an essential kit bag accessory for the whole family!

  • REVERSIBLE / LIGHTWEIGHT / STRETCHY / SOFT - black with neon green
  • INSULATES/PROTECTS - designed to help keep you warm at zero temperatures and protect you from the elements
  • DOUBLE LAYER - keeps you warm and cosy during outdoor activities
  • QUICK DRY - wicking fabric keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • UNISEX - perfect for the whole family and easily packs away into your bag ready for when you need it
  • EASY CLEAN - machine washable, non iron and non fade
  • ONE UNIVERSAL SIZE - 23 x 18.5cm | 9 x 7.5 inches – fits most men, women and children
Follow the diagram to easily create the headwear style of your choice. It's great fun, and just takes a few seconds to master.
Start by turning your RUFFNEK® multi-functional scarf inside out, so the pattern is on the outside. 
Skull Cap / Beanie
Below are some more ways you can wear your RUFFNEK® multi scarf:
Neck Scarf/Gaiter, Cravat, Head Band, Mask, Hair Band/Tie, Beanie Cap, Bandana, Balaclava, Pirate Head Scarf, Sweat Wristband, Dog Scarf
RUFFNEK® scarves are great for the outdoors and a wide range of sporting and leisure activities as illustrated below:
Whatever way you wear your RUFFNEK® scarf you'll look good and feel great!
Watch the following video tutorial by Callam to easily create 9 different styles for both the summer and winter.   
Callam shows how to make a Neck Scarf/Gaiter, Face Mask, Head & Neck Scarf, Balaclava, Head Scarf, Head Band, Bandana/Pirate scarf, Desert Head scarf and Sweat Wrist Band.
Ruffnek snood head scarf youtube video image
Take a look at our second video below to show you how to wear your RUFFNEK® scarf as a custom-fit Covid-19 mask for the whole family.

Doubling the fabric, doubles the thickness which doubles the protection. Scarves are easily washable and dry quickly so you can wear a fresh mask every day!

Machine wash at 30°C. Wash colours separately and do not tumble dry. 
Fast drying due to their technical properties, and no need to iron if hung flat.

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