Pink Flamingo Head Scarf

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We love the Pink Flamingo Head Scarf design! This scarf has got summer written all over it, featuring tropical leaves, flowers and vibrant flamingos as its design on a cobalt blue background. This head scarf is great for the beach to protect your forehead from the sun and keep you cool, and it also looks brilliant with any sporting or outdoor gear. It folds up neatly in your pocket or bag so is easily accessible when you need it. 

  • The perfect beach scarf for outdoor summer adventures
  • Made from seamless 100% Microfibre that's hypoallergenic, non fade and doesn't lose elasticity
  • Provides protection from the sun and keeps your cool with Stay Dry wicking fabric 
  • The perfect head scarf, neck tie, snood, head band, ski scarf, face mask, bandana or beanie hat
  • One universal size fits most men, women, children and medium sized dogs
  • Approximate size: 24cm x 48cm
Follow the diagram to easily create the headwear style of your choice. It's great fun, and just takes a few seconds to master.
Start by turning your RUFFNEK® multi-functional scarf inside out, so the pattern is on the outside. 
Skull Cap / Beanie
Below are some more ways you can wear your RUFFNEK® multi scarf:
Neck Scarf/Gaiter, Cravat, Head Band, Mask, Hair Band/Tie, Beanie Cap, Bandana, Balaclava, Pirate Head Scarf, Sweat Wristband, Dog Scarf
RUFFNEK® scarves are great for the outdoors and a wide range of sporting and leisure activities as illustrated below:
Whatever way you wear your RUFFNEK® scarf you'll look good and feel great!
Take a look at our video below to show you how to wear your RUFFNEK® scarf as a custom-fit Covid-19 mask for the whole family.

Doubling the fabric, doubles the thickness which doubles the protection. Scarves are easily washable and dry quickly so you can wear a fresh mask every day!

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